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Feminism Within Pornography

Feminism Within Pornography


I am writing to convey issues dealing with feminism within pornography.  Pornography is a social issue revolving sexual voyeurism through different media of photos and film. With such an erotic context it changes society views and influences through generations. Throughout the year’s pornography have evolved through media, from newspaper to film.  It has revolutionize the world by the influence peoples way of thinking and living, therefore the fuses attitude to younger woman and men, which is an endless cycle. How can equality of sexes convey, if all it does is undermined the word of feminism.

The female gaze within pornography gives a sense of vulnerability but domineering attitude towards the camera like a desire to be notice or a desire to capture the audience. The gaze represents power and express as a sex object, which is massively dominant. As a sex object it is idolized as a tall, beautiful woman with the perfect body, it becomes revolutionary in creation of modernism. On the other hand, ‘Woman are objectified erotic objects existing in film simply as recipients of the male gaze’[1]. This quote suggests that the male gaze is an assistant informing a desire as a separate character. It creates an idea of a man looking for women to contribute in a sexual voyeurism. The gaze represents the male domination in film. ‘The gaze is not the act of looking itself, but the viewing relationship of the characteristic of a particular set of social circumstances’[2]. In consideration, this suggest that pornography can be a more meaningful and expressive.


[Fig.1 T.Tanaka –

In fig.1, is photograph of a pornstar posing for the camera. Her eyes glares with the twist of her neck giving a lusty desire which as we refer to the gaze. Her posture and the lack of clothing are to seduce and lure viewers into the gaze. Also, she is glamorize into a doll, which creates idolism within younger people or younger adults. The harm of pornography lies within film and photography because the effect of these media represents realism.

In Fig.1, the focal point is the women because it’s gender and the sexuality, other than the male is lost in the movement. This is because females are dominant in the world of media because it produces the desire for society in influential meaning. The narrative within the film is a form of technique to arouse the fantasy of female and males fantasy to encourage voyeurism. The boundaries between pornography and erotic art are highly criticized. The character gazes, camera catches the gaze, the audience gazes within the film. It’s three looks. The verbal and visual stimulation is a perfect entertainment combination.

The use of vocabulary may be explicit; this may suggest a way of talking to women in a violent or perverted way. Also, the development of pornography has become an issue of soft porn into hard porn. It creates a new meaning into sexuality in the modern era. It contradicts the idea of women and creates bad negatively. Violence is also a factor is deploy because it influence others to relate in their lifestyle creating a new understanding of sexual relations.

Feminism is a level to establish between things that are negative or positive. Pornography relating to woman being nonetheless than a piece of meat contradicts stereotypes in pornography. This would therefore create negative influence  which has its consequence, which can be spread. It’s iconic by the fact that feminism comes from the idea of equality. ‘Criticism of pornography/ erotic film can thus raise questions for female spectators about their relation of her image to her life’[3]. It clearly states a possibility of people raising negative issues about the lifestyle choice of a woman acting in such an intimate sexual thing. Pornography is defined as a description of prostitution, or an intended to arouse sexual desire. Pornography sends a clear message that people should lust for women, to have no emotional connection but all physical. This therefore represents a revolutionary issue to use people as sex object. Pornography has a large influential purpose to entertain and satisfy the public. It is all about power and sex as a tool or mechanism to lure minds of people. ‘Pornography exists on the margin of visibility’ this states pornography has the power and depth to encourage and influence people.[4] Planting an idea which grows to something which is uncontrollable.

Pornography, then, is verbal or pictorial material which represents or describes sexual behavior that is degrading or abusive to one or more of the participants in such way as to endorse the degradation. (Longino, 1980. P.29) Longino theory states that pornography is a vicious cycle of abuse, violence and regret. Within the pornography it consists of different scenarios; Women are presented as sex objects, things that are dehumanized. As sex objects, they enjoy the humiliation or pain to satisfy the employers.  Being tied up and tortured and psychically hurt women is what pornography is trying to say that it ok that women can be abused like an animal. It is also linked to weird scenarios of sexual assault, rape, injury, bruised, bleeding, and things that make it possible to call it pornography. I feel that women in pornography are portrayed as products to entertain; therefore it suggests it’s a form of acting or a job. I believe it does have a great influence in society, in the way we act around women because it gives us a reason to be idiots.


[Fig.2 G. Atkinson –


In fig.2, is a prime example of the how younger women and men are affected through idolism of pornography.  Gemma in the photo is a young actress with lots of potential. At that time she had a lot of weight issues but it clearly an average people. She then lost so much weight to be an icon if people to drool over her body and advertise it throughout the world. Which brings things into consideration, how things like pornography can revolutionize the world.  Younger men would clearly assume that women are sex objects, which leads to damaging idolism.

Some feminist views ideas of pornography as a degrading meaning towards women as sexual object but also, gives an representation of a tool for abuse. Within the industry, men are dominated in having this sexual activity. It’s their depicted ideas, which plays a role in society shown women as extremely passive. This show weakness within feminism.

Pornography has evolved in recent years, in relation of Marxist theory it has many similarities. ‘Capitalism is dependent upon the overproduction of goods and the need for workers to be consumers and spend large sums on mass-produced goods’[5]. Pornography is a concept deprived through media. A reproduction over many generations, it has evolved into an idea of a product. The product it is reproduced into different forms. The idea of women in advertisement is a clear signifier, a tool of seduction; it recreates the sexual connotation within pornography. The idea and the product in fig. 3 have no clear meaning or depth in this design to represent the brand. It’s clear that sexual voyeurism is part of the modern era tool to entice consumer to buy. The gaze from the character expresses a desire to become her or to have sexual relations.  ‘Changing in relation to new social, moral and political discourses  and through circulation of new technologies and media’ media has encourage these kind of values fore years because it is the focal point in everything we do nowadays.[6]I n my opinion, the character within the poster is beautiful but doesn’t have to be nude to convey a message.


[Fig.3 Miss Doir Cherie –

In conclusion, pornography is part of a controlled system of media. It is related in everyday lifestyle such as music video, adverts, Internet, films and many more. Its outrages me by the fact that women became the soul entertainment of filthy, pervert men with the mindset of animals! Women are like robots, always being controlled and manipulated in the male dominated corporation. ‘level of public social life and through the corruption of every individual who came into contact with the poisonous material’ [7]In used games of sexual pleasure, gaining in their enjoyment. In consideration, pornography has the power to influence others to express negative approaches and have a clear understanding of how women are represented. Looking is more effective. Being lured by visual representation and translating it becomes apparent and easy to react. The violence involve is a clear understandings that it is a crude and despicable way of enjoyment. The years of women fighting for equality have been critically damaged by pornography. In this capitalism era we are all victims of this endeavor.



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